Words that have inspired me...


You are pitiful isolated individuals;
you are bankrupts;
your role is played out.
Go where you belong from now on
– into the dustbin of history!

Addressing the Mensheviks, who participated in Kerensky's provisional government which was overthrown by the Bolsheviks

History proved him right

July 2 – for an "anniversary"

A pair of snippets from song lyrics. One for the past, and one for the present and future...

I die each time
I hear this sound:
Here he comes.
That's Cathy's clown.
I've gotta stand tall
You know a man can't crawl.
But when he knows you tell lies
And he hears 'em passin' by,
He's not a man at all.

When I'm feeling weak
And my pain walks down a one-way street
I look above
And I know I'll always be blessed with love
And as the feeling grows
She breathes flesh to my bones
And when love is dead
I'm loving angels instead


The BP's world is a paradox and an emotional conflict.

At the same time, they desperately want love and closeness, but are afraid of both. If they start to feel love, they risk losing control. If someone starts to love them, they risk becoming engulfed.

The initial intensity and speed that a BP presents to a Non is a safe way for a BP to get at least part of what we all desire (love and intimacy). They can put on a facade of being the Non's one-and-only, the love of their life. They have perfected the art of being sexual dynamos. They are masters at sweeping someone off their feet. They know how to make their partners feel good.

The problems start to occur once they have presented their entire arsenal of perfect words, perfect gifts, perfect sentiments, and perfect sexual positions. After that, all they have left is themselves - a scared, flawed inner child desperate to repair the damage that was wrought when they were younger.

Untitled – Mari

I would have loved to
Have you love me
As I was loving you.

With tenderness, compassion,
Attention and care
It was true.
Now, I'll never say to you
The words that will not form
Restrained in chains by crazy, angry terms

I still have volumes here with me
They were not left behind
In the cold, barren place
You call your home.

When I was there:
Light streamed through
The cracks in your injured mind
Mended feelings unfelt for years
Reconciled reality with
That stagnant old puddle of tears
Your very own reservoir of remorse.

For better or worse
I enabled your curse
I let you cut my hair
You keep it locked away
A fetish for another day
With all those bleeding love notes
You'll never understand.

Service Fee – The Waifs

You broke down my door and let yourself in
Helped yourself to my soul and skin
You ate all you needed and then had the nerve
To thank me for dinner and help yourself to dessert
You helped yourself
I could've charged you a service fee
For all you did to me
I should've charged you a service fee
For all you did to me
You helped yourself

It wasn't very pretty, it wasn't very kind
But I rather go deaf, paralysed or blind
But I lay back, held still by the fear
That you would smash me to pieces
And I'd die here

I carry knives in my pockets, bullets in my guns
Don't try to chase me I'm not going to run
And don't ever ask me, don't you dare begin
I'm not going to talk about it but god knows
I'm going to sing
God knows I am going to sing about it

No thank you boy I'd rather walk home alone
No thank you sir I'd rather walk home alone
No thank you brother I'd rather walk home alone
No thank you mister I'd rather walk home alone

I Survived You – Clay Aiken

I see the picture clearer now
The fog has lifted
The wool you tried to pull over my eyes was clever
Yeah, you're gifted
But you forgot to dot some "i's"
And cross some "t's" along the way
I'm better now despite you, baby
I'm stronger these days, stronger

I survived the crash, survived the burn
Survived the worst, yeah baby, but I learned
Survived the lies, survived the blues
It almost killed me, but I survived the truth
And when you wrote me off like I was doomed
I survived you
I can look in the mirror now
It's been a slow awakening
Haunted by a heart full of you
I couldn't help mistaking
That you could ever care for anyone
Anyone but yourself, hey, yeah
But you would have to have a conscience, baby
Good luck, I wish you well

(Repeat chorus) (Bridge:)
This heart has been torn in two, cut and bruised
With too many bitter endings
I'll be damned if I have thoughts of you
Rain on my new beginning
(Repeat chorus x2)

Remaining Sane – unknown

My mind provides a quiet place
a shelter I can go
to rest within the warmth of Spring
during Winter's snow

Outside tornados whirl
and storms are rarely still
cold winds rustling turmoil
scenes edge on surreal

Never shall I understand
this world in which I dwell
a fearful pox bellows forth
which faith does not repel

Each season bears a struggle
to shield my sanctity
bar my spirit, brace my soul
preserve my dignity

By Aggy Bouksten
we can become removed from our dreams.

Untitled – unknown

Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.

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